IEA - Inspire, Encourage, Achieve 

The mission of IEA - Inspire, Encourage, Achieve - is to initiate and support 

educational programming and rehabilitative services for at-risk youth in 

Southeast Texas by inspiring and encouraging them to achieve.

Program Fact Sheet

Two Components

  • Minnie Rogers Juvenile Justice Center (MRJJC): more than 300 detainees impacted annually
  • Outreach: over 150 youth impacted annually with direct services offered to youth enrolled in the organization’s Ben’s Kids Outreach Program, Parent Project, and Global Youth Service Activities - where additional support and resources are extended to their families through case management, referrals and parenting education/support groups.

Services Provided in Detention

  •   Individual and Group Counseling, including anger management and substance abuse intervention/education          
  • Academic Support
  • Art therapy
  • Yoga (in partnership with Love Yoga Studio)
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Service Coordination (between IEA, court, attorneys, probation officers, parents, and               schools)  You can change your life” Speaker Series         
  • Gender specific Self-Care Classes

Outreach Services

  • Case management
  • Individual and Group Counseling (including anger management and substance abuse intervention and education)
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Academic remediation, including tutoring and literacy instruction

Monthly group meetings with

mentors and other volunteers

  • Parent counseling and support
  •  Annual summer enrichment experiences
  •  Jefferson County Juvenile Drug Court Coordination
  • Workforce development – Taste Our Success  Project (IEA coordinated job training activities with community partners)
  • Access to personal development opportunities (including equestrian therapy provided by Stable Spirits), community service, organized sports and recreational activities