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Youth & Parent Testimonials

Quotes from Youth

“IEA has been a breath of fresh air. It acts as an outlet for me. It has encouraged me to read, stay out of trouble, and work towards positive goals.” ~Female Reached at MRJJC

“IEA has helped me work on myself to stay out of trouble. It has motivated me to build a better life for myself.” ~Female Reached at MRJJC

“IEA has given me the tools I need to build a positive future for myself. They constantly give positive feedback that pushes me to work harder. IEA gave me positive influences in my life that truly care about me and my future” ~Male Client Reached at MRJJC

“IEA allows me to work through things in my life so that I can work to do better in the future. They are always positive and act s a guide to point me in positive new directions”         ~Male Client Reached at MRJJC

“IEA is very generous and non-judgmental. I enjoyed spending time with IEA and all the people in the program. I was able to receive experience and guidance from IEA. I really appreciate all the things IEA has done for me.” ~Female Client Reached through Outreach Programming

“IEA encourages kids to do good things with their lives. IEA has been such a helpful program. They helped me realize the potential I have and worked with me in making the changes I want to make in my life. They are always there, even when we fall, they are there to help us back up.” ~Female Client Reached through Outreach Programming (including drug court)

“I think IEA is a very good service for juveniles. Personally, they helped me accomplish a lot during my probation and even after so I feel that is a very helpful program.” ~Male Client Reached through Outreach Programming

“I feel IEA has helped me a lot in my life, they have helped me with employment as well as helping me in school. They have encouraged me to get and stay on the right path in my life. I don’t know where I would be without them.” ~Male Client Reached through Outreach Programming (including drug court)

Comments from Parents

“I love the IEA program. IEA has helped my girls focus on what they need to focus on. The services IEA provides has really encouraged my girls to get their life in order.”

“I think the IEA program is great for kids. It gives them an opportunity to do things in the community and teaches them good things.”

“I feel IEA is a great program, especially for a kid who has lost their way or needs some positive encouragement to stay out of trouble.”

“IEA has provided the support that my son and my family needed to become closer. They worked with my son closely to make sure he had positive people surrounding him. With their support and their services, they helped my son become enrolled and complete three semesters at LIT. We are thankful for all they have done.”

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